Spring into Fashion! Try Color Blocking Today

Get in on the new pop trend that has taken fashion by a storm! Color blocking is the way to go. Experiment with bold colors and pastels to create a eye catching look. This technique is not for the bland at heart. Color blocking uses VIVID pastels on top of a POPPY pants to catch the eye. It draws attention to the area of the body and clothing immediately. This is not for those that want to go unnoticed. You WILL be spotted and you WILL attract attention! Embrace it! You look fabulous. Now, if you’re anything like me you have a fun creative yet reserved fashion sense. I’m outgoing and sassy but I prefer a more subtle look. I use the color blocking technique by wearing fun pastel color pants. I’ll often pair it with a solid shirt and a fun bold colored necklace. This is my approach. Fun an trendy, yet sensible. It can easily be appropriate for various settings. For you FIERCE readers that have a “Take the world by storm” fashion sense, you might utilize the color blocking technique by wearing a Bold pants like Royal Blue and a Colorful top with multi color shoes to top it off! No shade thrown! You will look fabulous too! For any fashion technique, it’s ESSENTIAL that you find YOUR balance! Snip it for you so that you can be most comfortable for you! That’s how you really look FABULOUS! When shopping, always consider your comfort! Yes, being fashionable has its sacrifices, but your comfort shouldn’t be compromised! To each is your own!

Check out this link on color blocking:

Color Blocking


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