A few of my FAVORITE things!

I wear a variety of trends, but I have a few pieces that I can not live without! I guess you could call it my signature look. Many of the past trends are coming back! In my fashion class, we discussed the Pendulum Theory. It basically stated that fashion swings between two extremes! My real life application is hem lines. Come on, every one owns a pair of super low rise skinny jeans. Well, you might want to go out and grab yourself a pair of high waist pleated pants. They are fashionable and so in! Think about it, what’s lower than super low rise low? NOTHING! We have no choice but to gradually go back up! Check out a few looks that pair well with pleated pants. Styles vary, so pick which pair is best for you. Another plus to high waist pleated pants is that it is figure flattering elongating the legs. I am petite standing only five feet talk, and I purchase my pleated pants mainly from Love Culture. Check it out and get in the know. I promise you’ll be FABULOUS!






Becoming a SMART 📚 Shopper

Many consumers have fallen into the habit of being an impulsive buyer. We often purchase many items on a whim! It’s seems like a natural reflex and may appear harmless at the time, but the long term effects will be visible in the future! Try researching the item before you buy it and searching various sites for the best deal. Often we buy an item and see it on sale the very next day! Compare brands to look at similar styles. An example of this is Michael Kors watches and fossil Watches. They are made by the same company and look very similar! You will be surprised at how much money you save while still being PERFECTLY FASHIONABLE!! Tell me about your experiences! Have you ever over payed?