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Spring into Fashion! Try Color Blocking Today

Get in on the new pop trend that has taken fashion by a storm! Color blocking is the way to go. Experiment with bold colors and pastels to create a eye catching look. This technique is not for the bland at heart. Color blocking uses VIVID pastels on top of a POPPY pants to catch the eye. It draws attention to the area of the body and clothing immediately. This is not for those that want to go unnoticed. You WILL be spotted and you WILL attract attention! Embrace it! You look fabulous. Now, if you’re anything like me you have a fun creative yet reserved fashion sense. I’m outgoing and sassy but I prefer a more subtle look. I use the color blocking technique by wearing fun pastel color pants. I’ll often pair it with a solid shirt and a fun bold colored necklace. This is my approach. Fun an trendy, yet sensible. It can easily be appropriate for various settings. For you FIERCE readers that have a “Take the world by storm” fashion sense, you might utilize the color blocking technique by wearing a Bold pants like Royal Blue and a Colorful top with multi color shoes to top it off! No shade thrown! You will look fabulous too! For any fashion technique, it’s ESSENTIAL that you find YOUR balance! Snip it for you so that you can be most comfortable for you! That’s how you really look FABULOUS! When shopping, always consider your comfort! Yes, being fashionable has its sacrifices, but your comfort shouldn’t be compromised! To each is your own!

Check out this link on color blocking:

Color Blocking

Be fashion forward and current: The Little Black Dress

The little black dress is “a uniform for all women of taste.”
Vogue November 1926

Hey Ladies,

What do you feel most sexy in? How do you slip on your sassy? Most of you have a go to ensemble and it is a little black dress! The little black dress has been a safe haven for women for many decades. It may change in slight styles and variations, but the overall concept is a classic. A classic is an item or a person that remains in fashion for many years. It has not lost popularity in the masses. With this being said, the little black dress qualifies as a CLASSIC! You can never have too many little dresses, so you never have to worry about having the same item in the same styles. Styles of little black dresses include formal, semi formal, dressy, midi, mini, strapless, and body con. Depending on your body shape and preference you may opt for a more conservative style or a sexier style. When searching for the idea little black dress keep these things in mind, 1. Do YOU feel comfortable in this dress? 2. Will It attract the type of attention that you desire? 3. Does this dress compliment your unique body type? If you are having trouble finding the perfect little black dress for you, try small boutiques. They have a special focus of clothing designed for a particular type of consumer rather than large department stores. One of my favorite online boutiques is Lulus.com They provide an extensive selection of little black dresses in various styles for various taste and body shapes. Also, websites such as forever21.com have a great selection to choose from! Get out there and get to shopping! Remember, in a little black dress one is always dressed to KILL!


Have you ever been in the cosmetics section of your favorite department store but could not find a new color that would suit you? I have! I have always thought of myself to be exciting and daring, but being of the darker color I was always skeptical! You will be amazed how a good reliable lip color can pull together a outfit, but don’t be afraid to experiment within your realm of color. Various colors compliment different skin tones and textures, and There is no reason you should be missing out on the compliments you will revive! They will flood in believe me! Check out this color scheme chart and start shopping for your new FASHION FORWARD LIP COLOR!


Love Me Knots

In the spirit of Valentines Day, I thought I would share a special post with you fashionistas and fashion forward men! The meaning of valentines day should be loving ones self year round. Before you can love anyone else effectively you must first love yourself. I’m happy to be loved by so many people, and I’m happy to have a chance to love them back as well, BUT lets not forget about FASHION. This segment is entitled Love Me Knots! It deals with the many ways to tie scarves for a STYLISH and CREATIVE look. Check out this link at Refinery 29!

Spicing up that everyday outfit

Have you ever felt bored with a past outfit? So bored that that special top just sits in the closet unkempt and untouched. Spice it up with a scarf. Scarves have Always had popularity, especially for those of you who live up north and endure blistering cold. As a southerner I throw on scarves quite often. They keep you warm and oh what a fashion statement they are! When wearing a scarf with any days outfit you will instantly be chique and trendy! It’s like a 3 serving make over! My favorite scarves are the infinity scarves. I make it a little more interesting with the colors of the fall, which are my absolute favorite! I’ll share a pic! Share one back!


A few of my FAVORITE things!

I wear a variety of trends, but I have a few pieces that I can not live without! I guess you could call it my signature look. Many of the past trends are coming back! In my fashion class, we discussed the Pendulum Theory. It basically stated that fashion swings between two extremes! My real life application is hem lines. Come on, every one owns a pair of super low rise skinny jeans. Well, you might want to go out and grab yourself a pair of high waist pleated pants. They are fashionable and so in! Think about it, what’s lower than super low rise low? NOTHING! We have no choice but to gradually go back up! Check out a few looks that pair well with pleated pants. Styles vary, so pick which pair is best for you. Another plus to high waist pleated pants is that it is figure flattering elongating the legs. I am petite standing only five feet talk, and I purchase my pleated pants mainly from Love Culture. Check it out and get in the know. I promise you’ll be FABULOUS!